Working hand in hand with our clients to meet their objectives

Software Development

We believe in combining various agile development methodologies according to what works in that specific situation. This approach is balanced with not only a touch of common sense but also a level of flexibility. It allows the development process to adapt to changing conditions.


We work together with a client to establish proper specifications and requirements from the beginning. We make sure the application we build fits into the client’s existing IT systems correctly.


We are big believers in the usability (UI/UX) of what we build. We push to integrate agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPI), so we can better understand what we got right and what needs to be improved over the life-cycle of a solution. Developing a tool is only half of the equation, ensuring that the experience of the people using that tool is positive and useful is what needs to be done next.


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System Integration

Our teams have over ten years experience of integrating high availability systems like Trimble NIS with SCADA, AMR, CIS, automated alerting solutions and more in critical infrastructure utilities. We have a deep insight into Trimble’s data model as well as networks with experts in the field.


We prefer working with industry standards like CIM (IEC 61970 and 61968 series), CGMES and ICCP (IEC 60870-6) to provide the required compatibility and flexibility to keep up with the pace of your evolving organization. Together we can work out the best solution to meet your business needs and deadlines.


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Business Analysis and IT Governance

Do you have an idea how to boost your organization’s efficiency or service quality, but need help in assessing its viability and forming it into a concrete project?


We can help you with business analysis and IT governance to make sure that your resources are utilized in the best way and adding the most value to your organization. Our team has ten years of working experience inside Utilities and other Critical Infrastructure owners developing business requirements and solution architecture, as well as supporting management in the implementation of new solutions. We believe that our experience translates well into other industries.


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Post Security Risk Assessment Support

Have you received a Security Risk Assessment that says your organization’s ICS cyber security should be better and the suggested first step is to change the passwords in all those thousands of different devices that have been installed over the last decade? Easy to say in a report, a little harder to figure out and put into action in the real world.


As we have an experience with cyber-physical and industrial control systems where availability always beats confidentiality, we believe that our competences extrapolate well into regular ICT-s. We know that managing time-critical applications requires detailed insight into business processes. Changes in the systems always have impacts on business processes.
We do not only work with our clients to build the plan to react to the security assessment but stick around to help put it into action.


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Cybersecurity and ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the international standard which is recognized globally for managing risks to the security of information you hold. It allows you to prove to your clients and other stakeholders that you are managing the security of your information. Implementing ISO 27001 will bring information security under your organization’s management control, allowing direction and improvement where deemed necessary. Better information security will reduce the probability and/or adverse impacts of incidents on your activities.


We can help your organization to implement a structured, coherent and professional approach to the management of information security, which is aligned with other ISO management systems. We assist you with a process-based approach to establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving your security management system. We believe that demonstrable governance using internationally-recognized good security practices is a must nowadays.


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Data protection and GDPR

Proper data governance helps protect the reputation of your organization by ensuring the information you collect, store or analyse is kept securely. The implementation of well-defined responsibilities, processes and proven technology is applied. As a misuse of personal data can have costly implications for an organization, improving data protection has become a higher priority than ever before.

While having its underpinnings, data governance is the key to unlocking the full value of the data you hold – on top of which your long-term data strategy can be built on.
We can help your organization to achieve GDPR compliance through a holistic approach covering legal, daily operations and IT systems related aspects of your organization.


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IT Operations

Providing smooth functioning of the infrastructure and operational environments. Supporting application deployment to internal and external customers: network infrastructure server and device management, computer operations, IT infrastructure library (ITIL) management, and help desk services for an organization.


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