Software Development

We combine agile methodologies with a heavy dose of common sense and adjust quickly based on what works and what does not for a specific customer or project. No two engagements are ever same so adapting to real conditions is the norm, not the exception. We have years of experience to help the team (our client and us together) make the right calls.

Domain Knowledge

Our In-house domain knowledge is our main differentiator. We do not need to rely heavily on the customer expert’s availability and can make quick decisions based on real world experience which can later be verified by the customer. By  combining deep domain knowledge with software development skills we are able to be the digital transformation catalyst for critical infrastructure utilities.

Consulting Services

Our teams have sat in the “same seats” our clients do today, so when the talk about systems integration, post security risk assessment support & business analysis and IT governance comes up, the Catapult Labs utility experts already have a thing or two to bring to the dialog.

Catapult Labs Team

We help our clients navigate all the planning and analysis first before proposing the solution, because every utility and every situation is unique, but the experience of knowing what to do next in complex environments is what makes the difference.

Human Factor

The “Human factor” is the biggest “X” in the entire equation. IT and OT teams need to work together in order for both to be successful. You cannot over simplify their interactions and activities and you cannot overly regulate them either, the key is working towards a middle ground and build a collaborative working environment for everyone. This is easier said than done in reality.

Cyber Security

Just implementing a highly secure technical solution without addressing the processes around that solution will likely create a false sense of security and not make your system more secure. Simply restricting access, from other systems or limiting the amount of human interaction, is not the answer either and will lead to more challenges.